Dormitory at Munnar

Ideally located dormitories to suit you various requirements.

Dormitory in Munnar


At Munnar there are dormitories having 10beds, 20beds, 30beds, 40beds, 50beds and 60 beds dormitories. If contacted will arrange the same with reasonably competitive price.

Fire camp with music system along with lighting arrangements would be Rs.2500/-

Dream Dormitory

The price per person for dormitory will be Rs.300/- onwards. Separate dormitories for both the gender is available.

Independent villa for 16 pax (4 bedroom)would be Rs.10,000/-
Four Bedroom for 10 pax would be Rs.7500/-

Independent villa up to 30 pax (9 bedroom) would be Rs.15,000/-

Independent villa for 25 pax would be Rs.12,000/-

Also for 60 bed 13rooms independent cottage is available @ Rs.20000/- 


Breakfast - Rs.75/-(4 idli with Tea)

Lunch(Fried Rice with chicken) - Rs.130/-

Dinner Chicken Biriyani Rs.130/- or Cappatti with tea Rs.80/-
*Food can be arranged according to your needs

Dormitories at Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Dormitory at Kanyakumari Rs.300/-
Dormitory at Kovalam Rs.350/-
Dormitory at Thiruvananthapuram Rs.275/-
Dormitory at Alleppey Rs.300/-
Dormitory at Periar Rs.300/-
Dormitory at Thekady Rs.300/-
Dormitory at Kochi Rs.275/-

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